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Sound Artists, Dj & Producer

Stranger Souma

A native of Casablanca, Morocco, Stranger Souma’s musical Journey started off with her learning to play multiple instruments. Enthralled by the advent and possibility of technology in music, she soon evolved into the respected DJ and producer that she is today, crafting a signature sound that is deep, minimal but decidedly soulful and spiritual, a tribute to the old soul of North Africa.

Label Co-founder


Aside from being a DJ and producer, she is also co-founder of Moroccan-based record label, Volubilian Records, through which she actively champions the region’s unique musical heritage, as well as greater opportunities for its female artists.

Dj & Music Producer

She also joined Switzerland’s leading dance music and entertainment company named « Sirup Music » with several releases charted and supported worldwide by artists such as EDX, Nora En Pure, Pretty Pink, Gil Glaze and many more.



Music production mentorship, brand collaborations and art/music projects.